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Preparedness For the Next Generation of Cybersecurity Attacks in Healthcare

Cybersecurity vulnerabilities pose a great risk to the healthcare industry and its livelihood. The expanded use of digital, electronic and network technology has induced significant benefits for care delivery and organizational efficiency, but also creates opportunities for cyber intrusions. Think about this – in 2014, 85 percent of large health organizations experienced a data breach…. Read More

The Youth Vote: What will it take to win?

As the debate around who will be the next president of the United States continues, the fight for the youth vote is on. More informed and vocal than generations past, people are listening to the opinions of today’s youth and their influence is making an impact on commerce, the workplace, and the larger community. Yes,… Read More

Tell the Wacky Human Story: Secrets to Successfully Pitching WIRED

You’ve finally got the polished pitch, the carefully constructed media list, the press release available under embargo—and yet sometimes the inevitable happens and the dreaded voicemail box or the series of emails gone unanswered leaves every PR professional wondering: what does it take to get a client featured in WIRED? Last month, PRSA’s Silicon Valley… Read More

Rio 2016: The Power of Emotion in a Story

How do you tell a story that keeps an audience on the edge of their seats? It’s a puzzle we continuously try to solve, but, at the Olympics, the stories continuously flow like the athletes in the Parade of Nations. I was fortunate enough to be in Rio and witness two of the greatest stories… Read More

Rio 2016: 3 Brands That Engaged Consumers in Emotional Conversations

Zeno Group will be sharing a series of blog posts around the 2016 Olympic Games. Here is the second post by Monica Lourenci, Executive Vice President of Zeno Brazil.  — The Olympic Games are the largest multicultural sporting event in the world. They also present a unique challenge for the communications field: with an entire industry mobilizing to… Read More

Instagram Just Gave Us the Update We Didn’t Know We Needed

Instagram recently released a feature that rivals everyone’s favorite whimsical communication app: Snapchat. This new feature, officially called Instagram Stories, is the solution we didn’t know we needed. It solves the problem we all face in wanting to share our every move, meal and social interaction, but not wanting to over post to our feed… Read More

Making the Most of the Rio 2016 Olympics

Zeno Group will be sharing a series of blog posts around the 2016 Olympic Games. Here is the first one by Robert Ricci, Executive Vice President and U.S. Head of Digital.  — Armed with strategies designed to deploy planned and, if they’re lucky, real-time content, marketers across the globe are mobilizing in celebration of the Rio 2016… Read More

Fearless Pursuit of the Unexpected: Asia Edition

It’s been said often, but I can’t resist: the world is getting smaller and smaller. I saw so many proof points this week as I traveled through Malaysia, Indonesia, India, and Singapore and Tokyo (airports only for the last two), getting to know Zeno’s teams and clients here.  Whether it was the little girls in… Read More

Replicating the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity Experience at Home

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is unlike any other week you’ll spend anywhere, professionally speaking. From access to some of the world’s best speakers to the C-Suite executives of your favorite brands to the sheer breadth of work on display, I have never seen a “conference” of any type drive such invigorated conversations, important connections… Read More

Careers beyond borders: London welcomes Chicago students

As a Swede living and working in London, having studied in the US and with a family home now in France, I’m grateful for having had the opportunity to take a very international look at life and future career choices. A group of graduate students from Loyola University Chicago had a similar taste of what… Read More